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Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 1

Remember that publishing takes place on the foundation of the organization with many successful anime series, not only in Japan but around the world. Anime like the trilogy of the 2000s: Naruto, Bleach and the movie still resonates One Piece, as well as the recent blockbuster My Hero Academia. Coming from the home of many beloved shonen anime hits means that Black Clover has many standards to meet. Viewers will be introduced to a world when magic and it is obvious that nearly everyone can use spells, nearly everyone. At the center of the story is Asta, a 15-year-old orphan who, along with his longtime rival Yuno, is left in a church orphanage where the two are forced to grow up together. Both strive to fulfill one dream: To become the sorcerer king. For Yuno, this is completely possible as he seems to be a genius when it comes to casting spells, however, it seems to be more difficult for Asta as up to this point, he has not shown any Any sign of magic. A chance still exists for Asta though, as he continues to train physically until the day he attends a special ceremony where potential young witches are selected to wield ancient spells. These ancient spells are known as the magic books. The day the two receive their own books is also when their journeys diverged to try to become the most powerful wizard, the sorcerer king.
Black Clover introduces audiences to a new world and some interesting new characters in the first ten episodes, but the influence of the world construction is overshadowed because most of the ideas are similar to those of shonen anime. usually, common, normal. The plot generally has a good ending, after Asta’s first mission and he faces real danger, but it feels as familiar as the previous works. Asta, the center of the story, is a mediocre protagonist who strives to achieve his dreams with effort and determination despite difficulties, especially his weak social and magical abilities. This type of character is scattered across all genres, and even in an example I gave earlier, I feel like I’m drawing parallels between the series and Naruto. The big-mouthed, thorny-haired protagonist dreams of being the best of the respected and is driven through battles with an anxious friend. Even the introduction to the sorcerer king versus demons bears a resemblance to the Fourth Hokage and the Nine-Tails that opened Naruto. His rival, Yuno, is the complete opposite, an adept magic user and, with an introverted personality, the complete opposite of Asta but we don’t see him much at this point. .

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The series also features animated introductions to supporting characters as the episode progresses, notably members of the Black Bull Magic Knights such as the group’s leader, Yami Sukehiro, and Asta’s rival in the series Hey, Magna Swing. These powerful characters, and also the snobby royal character, Noelle Silva, are interesting but again are the kind of familiar characters that can be found in other anime series and aren’t different enough to stand out. turn on. The voice acting for the supporting cast is very good, with an appropriate blend of personalities. The English dub is well done, including big names like Chris Sabat, Colleen Clinkenbeard and Ian Sinclair. However, the voice acting for the main character seems to have problems.
Unfortunately, Asta expressed her opinion through screams and shouts. Whenever faced with a threat or a challenge (which is often the case in stories of an insignificant man) Asta would often confront him by shouting, much to the annoyance of the other characters and the audience. when they decide to use headphones. I can imagine him being a character that hurts the ears of some and the fact that the character has to scream for most of the movie doesn’t make him any less likable. I feel that Dallas Reid’s voice acting as Asta in the English version has improved, still noisy, but not as annoying as mine. Yuno, on the other hand, is very patient, resulting in his voice acting being very discreet. The problem is that we don’t have an impression of who he is. In a flashback episode we get to see Yuno when he was younger and despite being quiet and shy, he showed more of his personality. In the present, he doesn’t talk much and the few words he says don’t convey much. And it doesn’t help at all when in this part his role becomes smaller as his and Asta’s paths grow farther and farther apart. Perhaps as he goes further his personality will open up more.

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The characters and their stories introduced in this part are quite common in regular anime and unfortunately at this early stage the production department was not creative enough to make a difference, especially in the anime. period when so many anime series are being made. Although the film has an interesting point in dividing the levels, it has not been explored enough at this point. Nobles and commoners were divided according to various aspects, not only based on their social status but also on their ability to use magic. If this can be exploited in the journey of Asta and Noelle then it could help add depth to the film and create interesting interactions between the characters. For now, the movie is only showing the surface and the interesting part of the movie seems to be the levels of magic and controlling them rather than who should own the magic and why, which I hope will change as the series progresses. movie continues. Produced by Studio Pierrot (Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul) the effects did not disappoint the audience. Yuki Tabata’s character design has conveyed well from the manga and is generally quite professional. One or two parts have a rather unimpressive effect. With a movie about magic, we don’t see enough effects. With just a few examples, the spells in this phase are not spectacular, or at least not powerful enough to do so, but we are just at the beginning, this can be changed. Future.
The opening and ending music is again very suitable for many action anime. The opening song is loud and vibrant to get us excited about the upcoming adventure, and the ending is softer and more mellow, calming us down. The music for the film was performed by Minako Seki, who was previously the composer for another fantasy anime series by Studio Pierrot, Kingdom. The movie’s songs aren’t bad, but unfortunately aren’t remarkable. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t emphasized enough in key scenes where music can be used to support the atmosphere and pressure of the film. Rather than when we first saw Asta’s abilities, the song Pentagram appeared for the first time, and I can’t remember much of this song until now. It’s a pity that anime like My Hero Academia really help bring to life the music of Yuki Hayashi, to make it shine and really accentuate the emotion of the scene, something that Black Clover was able to do well. more to attract investment from the audience. black clover – anime hot shounen hot The Blu-ray version has several specials for the ten episodes in this series. Includes episode 4 and episode 7 commentary as well as Black Clover: inside Studio J includes interviews with ADR director Cris George as well as various voice actors. The Clover Clips Special Edition offers an expanded version of the humorous scenes from the film that appear after the introduction at the end of the film. It also includes a short behind-the-scenes shot of the voice actors called “Inside the Episodes”. Overall, these specials are pretty good. The first part of Black Clover did a pretty good job of building the world and characters but overall it’s still too stereotypical, especially with today’s shonen series. The series has a lot of potential, promises to shine and continue to develop, especially when this is another long-running series that is expected to have at least 51 episodes. However, in the current situation where the number of anime movies worth paying attention to is increasing, failing to make a mark on your own can be dangerous. Black Clover has the ability to stand on par with previous anime, but now, with so many other movies, that doesn’t seem possible.
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