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[Anime Review] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 4

First, I’m pleased to announce that this installment focuses primarily on the main plot and progressions of Asta and Yuno’s journey to becoming Magic Kings, and trying to stop their mysterious nemesis, The Eye. of the Midnight Sun. So… there will be more of Asta’s much-anticipated magical adventures with his unusual group of friends in this installment. After their first major battle with The Eye of the Midnight Sun, Asta and Yuno were rewarded with a new rank, Asta, named a Third Class Knight, while Yuno became a First Class Knight. I have pointed out in the past that the number of episodes of each season is too small, however, the series seems to be stopping the initial plot development and focusing on the small arcs, spread throughout the episodes. . This is especially good in season 4 because we focus more deeply on the character development process in each minor arc rather than focusing on the contradictions in the main story. Asta visits Rebecca Scarlet, whom he meets in previous episodes, in her village, where he runs into Gauche Adlai, a Black Bull member who is overly obsessed with his 10-year-old sister. An unhealthy obsession at all. His story in this arc is similar to that of Luck in the Dungeon arc, we will enjoy a movie with flashbacks and interactions that reveal why he became so heartless. I appreciate that the movie focuses on supporting characters like this, even though it can ruin the movie at times, but I love that they took the time to tell us the circumstances leading up to it. the way the characters act now, even if that’s not the reason for those actions.

In this installment, we continue to dig deeper into the abilities and motivations of the film’s main antagonists, The Eye of the Midnight Sun, and their enigmatic commander, Licht. This group of people continued to pose a threat to the Clover Kingdom as their members one after another appeared as the strongest member, The Third Eye, as well as Licht’s magical abilities during the first great battle. The early seasons of the film mostly focused on momentary conflicts with individual and quickly defeated enemies, so it’s a welcome change as the film already has a clear villain. clarity and some improvements in the upcoming episodes. Especially when there are improvements in tactics, abilities and effects when the characters have breakthroughs in the use of magic one by one. We will also see the belligerent appearance of the Black Bull leader, Yami Sukehiro. Yami is a prominent character in the film and plays an important role to Asta but until now we have only seen Yami fight, and that seems to be an impressive explosion. Yami is a typical shonen character type, irrational, cold, scowling but that also makes this type of character better at melee combat and more versatile. His slashes make for eye-catching battle sequences, something the show has been lacking in recent episodes.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun – black clover

Although the characters in the main character line are developing well, not all are receiving positive feedback. Noelle was originally a special character to her, as she struggled to control her powers and was a different member of the noble Silva family. She is initially built as a cold person, her actions are attested to but at the same time the film also builds her quite pathetic, in stark contrast to the character Asta, who will become famous. angry and will scream to get attention. However, at this point, this entire character’s personality is shown through her affection for Asta while it seems that her original personality has been “forgotten”. Hopefully this will be fixed in Season 5, but a bit disappointed right now. I’ve said in the past that I’m particularly disappointed with the effects in season 3. The Black Clover producers seem to be making the same mistake that is common in long-running anime, which Studio Pierrot probably did. very familiar when producing previous movies like Naruto, Bleach when the quality of the effects suddenly deteriorated at a certain point. In the main battle scene of this season, we get a glimpse of the potential of future big matches. While we haven’t quite seen the climax yet, we’re starting to see some of the captivating effects we know the studio can do. Hopefully in Season 5, with the takeaways from Season 1, we can really see the effects culminate in what could very well be an epic ending battle. Even the opening and ending music remains the same as the previous one, Vickeblanka’s “Black Rover”, and EMPiRE’s “Black to The Dreamlight”. If you want to know your opinion on these songs (with “Black Rover” being my favorite) you can check them out in my Season 3 review.

cam nhan ve anime blackclover volum 4

As for the special episodes, since this season has a smaller number of episodes, the number of special episodes is quite large: commentary on episodes 33 and 37 by British cast, inside J: New City studio, Clover clip special edition In particular, 2 songs “Black Rover” and “Black to the Dreamlight” without lyrics and Inside the highlight of the episodes of all episodes are discussed by the British cast. Black Clover continues to develop a strong cast of characters and build on the main contradictions of the series as we approach the end of the first season. The pacing of the show in recent episodes has been pretty cool even though the series is still struggling to stand out among the multitude of shows these days. The show has shown promise in terms of performance and with the series still ongoing, there’s plenty of time to develop. With the ending coming in the next episodes, hopefully this season will end well.

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