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Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2

The context of the film develops in a new, more balanced direction when focusing on both main characters. While the first 10 episodes mainly focused on Asta’s journey, this one focuses on Yuno first and balances out until the two’s journeys intersect in the sequels. It focuses on the two of them and the supporting group of knights before moving on to the main section involving the two, where they encounter the first dungeon. It’s an effective way to convey the film as we not only see the development of the two main characters in their group, but also see the support of the other characters in the two groups of contrasts and differences. between them. The structure of the film is further explained by instructions on how to perform tasks in these groups. There is a system to rank groups of Magical Knights against each other. With the group at the top – in this case, the Golden Dawn group, ranked first for winning the most stars. Stars are rewarded for completing tasks including helping others, organizing or destroying threats. That’s just a rough explanation, but it also gives an overview of what hopefully won’t be repeated, the missions that shape the film’s structure and make for an interesting confrontational aspect. among these magical groups. In those groups we also get a better look at the supporting characters, especially Mimosa and Klaus of the Golden Dawn group along with Noelle and Luck of the Black Bull group. The relationships and pasts of these characters contribute to the development of the story in a world with many different layers. The ability to use magic, as well as the levels to use, seems to often be measured by the admiration a level receives. This is evident in Klaus, who is very outspoken with his admiration for nobility and hatred for those lower than him in the beginning. Delving deeper into Noelle’s past, this theme continues and the character’s development makes her one of the most interesting characters. Luke’s past is perhaps the most interesting as it gives us an in-depth look at his quirky, borderline madness at times, showing us a former shonen warrior. This takes a closer approach to world building, where it communicates as part of the characters’ pasts, rather than moving through lengthy dialogues the film finds its way into. The series still hasn’t gotten rid of this issue and has a bit of a regular shonen feel, there are a lot of magic systems within the limits of magical abilities and groups, but when one knows these through interpretation like this, it makes the movie stronger. The villains in the dungeon segment added emphasis when showing the tense political situation between countries around the world and the difference of these cultures. The dungeon segment is exactly what we’d expect from a magic movie when it comes to the focus on magic battle.

Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2
Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2

The strategies and skills are interesting but unfortunately the special effects done by Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Bleach) do not always bring the best effect. Especially when Mars’ magic is on display, his ability to manipulate ice in the form of ice puppets, weapons, and armor is all accomplished with quirky CG effects. The effect captures the heart of the power but doesn’t match. In these scenes, a special steam effect is also used, with Mars appearing awkward and completely unattractive. Among the effects, there are a few explosive effects that I would have liked to see more of during these conflicts, but the movie is just getting started and perhaps as the characters’ abilities continue to grow (especially the Asta’s powers seem more relevant than most of the other characters) we’ll see more in this section)

Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2
Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2

Because this season has a few shorter episodes, since episode 11 season 1, we have the same opening and ending music as the first 3 episodes of season 1. If you want to know my opinion you can check the review of season 1. From episode 14 onwards, we enjoy different ending songs each episode. BiSH’s “PAiNT it BLACK” is the opening song that fits all the energy but I really love the ending song “Amazing Dreams” by Swanky Dank. The song first appeared in the epilogue of an episode, the powerful song and guitar melodies make for an interesting departure from the dark endings of the first 13 episodes. As for the voice acting, it’s still pretty much consistent with season 1 but there’s an improvement in Yuno’s voice acting compared to his patient image in season 1 and Asta screams very, very little which is a huge improvement.

Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2
Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 2

On the Blu-ray version you will find some extras, which is especially good because the 9 episodes of season 2 are quite short (episodes 11-19). Includes commentary on episodes 12 and 15, inside Studio J Featurette, special edition Clover Clips, inside episodes: highlights of episodes 10-18, trailer, plus opening and ending songs wordless. The behind-the-scenes scenes are always welcome, and I’ve always been particularly interested in the dubbing process, unfortunately the only extra version that was released was the Clover Clips Special Edition. The approach to the episodes in this season is not simply to divide the season into equal parts (51 episodes in total in season 1) but rather to divide the season into chapters. While this helps avoid weird endings with episodes containing chapters, it does mean that we can run into embarrassing cases with a small number of episodes like this one with 9 episodes while many shounen series are in progress. Other continuations will be released by the manufacturer. Overall, Black Clover was able to get over his shyness and start finding goals for himself although, it’s still pretty normal as many other ongoing shounen series have preceded it. But when it comes to the length of this series in general, it’s still too early now and I’m pretty sure it will continue to grow.

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