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[Review Anime] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 5


The film continues to explore and delve into the main plot, with The Eye of the Midnight Sun revealing itself and claiming to be the enemy of the Clover Kingdom while continuing to operate with the plot to establish a nation with their own sovereignty. They have secretly collected magical stones that they believe can help them reincarnate in their “true form”, granting them powerful magical powers. However, the Clover Kingdom prevented them from finding the remaining 3 stones to achieve their goal. We begin this new journey with Asta and his Black Bull teammates as they head to an underwater temple to find one of the stones for the Clover Kingdom.


This season has a rather strange opening as we get to see an episode at the beach right from the start. The group of black bulls must go to the seaside village of Raquey in order to reach the temple. So if there’s ever a good time to go on a sea adventure, it’s now. And as expected, this episode is very lighthearted. One thing worth noting is the change of a flaw that I pointed out in Part 4: Noelle’s character line. I was very disappointed that one of the most interesting characters in the series fell in love with the main character. The beach scenes are the beginning of a series of developments that highlight Noelle’s character and personality as she tries to understand and control her abilities while also appreciating the Black Bull group, her unusual family. Miss. I hope Noelle will continue to develop in this direction, because Noelle’s development in this part is really new, especially after the mistake made in the previous part. In this part we also see the appearance of many new characters as Temple Mage such as Kahono and Kiato, who stand out despite appearing for a short time. This part of the series features a lot of side characters and factions as well as the emergence of a whole new culture. All in all, they’re all effectively combined and don’t just serve as challenges for Asta to overcome. There’s also a small flashback scene to help deepen the development of Black Bull characters like Vanessa and Finral which, despite the short airtime, is worth developing and giving a deeper look at how they came to be. weird as it is now.

[Review Anime] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 5
[Review Anime] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 5

The character that really stands out in this part is Vetto, the main antagonist of this part. A member of The Midnight Sun, the strongest group of supporting characters. The Third Eye, Vetto, possessed power on a level that neither Asta nor the Black Bulls had ever faced. Vetto is the kind of villain commonly seen in the shonen genre, ruthless and crazy, but his powers bring great visual effects. He posed such a threat that the battles spanned several episodes and required the combined Black Bull team to counter him, which resulted in a great battle to end the season. The effects part of the movie has been hit hard at times, especially in the middle of this season, and while it still hasn’t reached the level of effects we’re used to seeing in other movies, it’s gotten better. so many, so much. There are many scenes in the movie with excellent combat effects. The only thing I find unsatisfactory is the odd background texture that has been reused many times but that’s probably due to the number of matches taking place in the cave so far. However, this is only a small minus point and I am happy to see the film’s effects are improving.

This part has a different opening and ending song than the previous one. The ending theme song is “Four” performed by FAKY, which is a softer song with great harmony and is performed by the female cast members. With the opening theme song we have “Guess Who’s Back” by Koda Kumi, which is a guitar rock song and is slowly becoming familiar with the movie. I find this song very catchy and a good opening song, with a strong female voice and fresh colors. I also enjoyed the introduction of all (almost all) Black Bull members (sorry Gordon), especially since this arc focuses on the team to some extent. On a side note, the prologue to the majority of episodes this season seems to be depicting a major battle in which the Sorcerer King fought to protect humanity from a giant demon. This has now been adjusted to include a recap of previous events so if someone decides to watch the series without seeing the first seasons, or simply misses an episode or two, this will help them understand. the movie more clearly. This also points to shortcomings in the current shonen series when the number of episodes is increasing so it is difficult to keep up. This also provides a solution to the shortcoming in the previous Studio Pierrot movie that I talked about, Naruto, when the opening of each episode only repeats the ending of the previous episode for a few minutes.

[Review Anime] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 5
[Review Anime] Review Black Clover Season 1 – Part 5

This season consists of 11 episodes (40-51) along with some special episodes. Includes: Commentary on episodes 45 and 51 (British cast), Inside Studio J: The Art of Acting, Clover Clip Special Edition, two opening and ending songs without lyrics, plus Inside Highlights of episodes, performed by the British cast. Black Clover still has a long way to go, however, if you’ve continued with the movie up to this point, the movie has progressed and has become an enjoyable experience in my opinion. Although the plot is still very predictable as most shonen movies are like that, and maybe not everyone enjoys the genre, the characters of the series are slowly evolving and the plot has found its way. this first season alone. It will take a little while to build up the next challenge for Asta and hopefully the series will not lose its charm as it enters the next season.


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